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Enjoy my little stories of faith and joy and glimpses of God.

When you’re asleep, you don’t know you’re asleep, until you wake up. When you don’t realize you have a only nominal faith in God, you are shocked when He actually shows up! Although I had been a lifelong sleeping, apathetic believer, God’s “still, small Voice” first stunned me in 2000. He unmistakably “spoke” one shocking word to my unreceptive heart. “Adoption.”

I could never be obedient to such an absurd demand– I was 44 years old, I had three older children, and, most importantly, my life was too comfortable to disrupt. But I also couldn’t stop thinking and journaling about how God met my stubborn refusals at every turn with confirmations that He meant for me to obey. My apathetic faith was about to go into hyper-drive, as God got REAL.

I kept writing, and before I realized it was happening, I was surrendering to this God of whom I had known so little, and been so satisfied by my ignorance. I began to take one tiny, reluctant step at a time toward a developing plan.Two years later my husband and I were on a plane bound for Russia to save a little boy God would not let me forget.

The following years have been filled with mountaintop joy, overwhelming challenges, and devastating grief, but, in all things, God has not left my side. In the process of telling the stories, God has made Himself known in extravagant ways as we make our journey through this this broken world toward Heaven.

I am grateful.

Can you tell what a big personality is packed into this little body?

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